Tuesday, February 24, 2009

House Finch...

Today's post is the House Finch, as you can see they have less red then the Purple Finch and are smaller in size. For more info go check out this link House Finch.


Glennis said...

These look rather like our Red Pole birds, small finches with some red on head and chest too at breeding time. Common birds but are seldom noted as they look similar to sparrows, our commonest birds.
great photos.

teresa said...

I'm Teresa from Pennsylvania. I was looking at my feeder and sitting on top of my metal trellis were two finch. I wasn't sure if they were the male and female of the same breed. One had a reddish orange head and neck but the other one, brown. (similar to the one on your blog)Finding things on here isn't always successful for me. Nice blog.

abbott.simth said...

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